3 months • 15 senior dogs • $10,000

Throughout the months of June, July, and August, we will be running our Summer of Seniors campaign, with the hopes of adopting out 15 senior dogs! Many of the senior dogs we rescue have been neglected for some time and require medical care, which typically amounts to $600-$1,000 per dog. We have a goal of raising $10,000 during the campaign in order to fund those dogs. We think senior dogs make wonderful pets, and we hope you do too! Join us in spreading the message and helping us make this campaign a success!

How You Can Help

Donate to the seniors through our GoFundMe campaign
Attend one of our adoption or fundraising events
Post photos of your senior pets on Instagram, use #HARseniors, and tag @hopeanimalrescue
Share our Facebook posts

Why Seniors?

Each year, approximately 4 million dogs enter U.S. animal shelters, of which 480,000 are seniors (Source: ASPCA). While many potential adopters are looking for young and healthy dogs to adopt, many senior dogs get overlooked. Only 25% will be adopted, and only 56% will even make it out of the shelters alive (through placement in foster homes and adoptions). These statistics are their worst during summer months, when potential adopters, as well as foster parents, are busy and on vacation.

This can be a dismal time for senior dogs, but with the Summer of Seniors campaign, we aim to reverse this trend by celebrating senior dogs and educating the public on why they make wonderful companions!

Hope Animal Rescue Volunteer of the Month, Megan, and her two dogs

Meet Clyde!

Clyde is a sweet, low-key dog who enjoys lying on soft surfaces while keeping an eye on his humans, pouncing on squeaky toys, and curling up on giant dog beds for a nice little nap. He also is eager to explore new places (indoors and out!), and will enjoy the view from your arms.

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