Behavior & Training

Online Behavior Resources

Basic Training and Obedience

Article: Calming Signals
ASPCA: Manners and Skills
ASPCA: Puppy Training 101
Blog: It’s Only Funny Until….
Infographics from Lili Chen [great for teaching kids!]
Infographics, posters and handouts from behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin
Website: Dogs In Need of Space (DINOS)
YouTube: The “Place” Command
YouTube: Teaching “Out”/”Drop”

Crate/Kennel and House Training

YouTube: Crate Training
How to House Train Your Dog or Puppy
Kennel Routine

Dog Socialization

Article: A New Dog in the House
Blog: Dog/Dog Tolerance
Blog: Drive in the Slow Lane for Dog/Dog Intros
Blog: Understanding Dog-Dog Sociability
The Family Dog [for families with kids]
Fear and Shyness
The Rule of Sevens [tips for puppy socialization]
YouTube: Dog Body Language
YouTube: How Do I Stop My Puppy Biting Me?
YouTube: How to Speak Dog
YouTube: The Most Important Thing to Teach a New Puppy: Socialization


101 Things to Do with a Box
5 Basic Cues for Dogs (and Cats)
Focus Games
Game: Look at That
Game: Retreat & Treat
Pattern Games
Settle Games
Skill: Flip Finish
Skill: Give/Drop

Families and Dogs

Family Paws
Infographic: Dog and baby safety tips
Infographic: Dog and toddler safety tips
Podcast: Navigating Children and Dogs

Leash Training

Blog: Leash Etiquette
Blog: Loose Leash Walking
Loose Leash Walking Tips
Mouthing and Leash Biting
YouTube: The Most Realistic Leash Training Lesson for Leash Pullers

Muzzle Training

Article: Why Nice Dogs Need Muzzles Too
Article: Muzzles– Not Just for Aggression Anymore!
Muzzle Training & Tips
Muzzle Up! Project

Reactivity and Aggression

Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0 Overview
Reactivity and Barrier Frustration


AKC Canine Good Citizen Training
ASPCA: Common Dog Behavior Issues
The Premack Principle

Pet Helplines

Animal Humane Society Pet Helpline
Blue Ridge Humane Society Pet Helpline

Professional Local Trainers

This list includes trainers with a range of training approaches and philosophies. The best way to find the right trainer for you is to ask them questions – every dog and every trainer is unique.

All Dogs Allowed
The K9 Scientist
Triangle K9
Dog Evolve
Red Earth Thunder

Submit a request for behavior support to Hope Animal Rescue