If you need to surrender your dog, submit an owner surrender request and a volunteer will respond within 72 hours. Be aware that it is our mission to save dogs that are already at risk in shelters. Therefore, submitting an application does not guarantee your dog will be admitted into our rescue.

Rehoming Your Dog

We realize there may come a time when you feel you must give up your pet for one reason or another, and while we hope you will stop to consider everything that your dog is to you, please remember what you mean to your pet – you are his/her sole protector. Millions of pets across the country will never have a person care enough about them to even attempt to find a safe home.

Therefore, we hope you will understand why it is our policy not to accept animal surrenders from the public. While you are hopefully exhausting every option, your pet is safe. The innocent dog with the goofy smile who is scheduled to be killed is not safe. Please give your pet every chance possible to be safely placed in a new home.

If, after all of your efforts, he or she ends up in the tragic predicament of all too many – it is then, with our resources focused on providing a chance to pets facing certain death – rescues will try to help (if we can and your dog hasn’t run out of time).

Below are resources we strongly recommend you review before making any decisions regarding your beloved family companion:

*Please note: Surrender requests will only be considered after pictures of the dog have been provided. Thank you for doing your best to ensure your companion finds a safe and loving forever home.