• If you wish to keep your pet but are having a hard time and are considering rehoming your pet, please let us know what kind of help you need. Our Pet Assistance Program can provide direct support or referrals for help whether you need veterinary care assistance, behavior and training help, pet supplies, or other resources.

    Our goal is to help keep you and your pet united, but if you have decided you need to rehome your dog, submit a Pet Assistance Program request and let us know that you need to rehome your pet, and a volunteer will respond within 72 hours. Be aware that it is our mission to save dogs that are already at risk in shelters, and our ability to take in dogs depends on several factors including the availability of foster families and funds. Therefore, applying does not guarantee your dog will be admitted into our rescue. However, if you are willing and able to keep your pet until they are in their new home, we can give you coaching and support in safely rehoming your dog.

    Rehoming Your Dog

    We hope you will understand why our policy is not to routinely accept direct animal surrenders from the public. While you are hopefully exhausting every option, your pet is safe. The innocent dog with the goofy smile in the county shelter may not be safe. Please give your pet every chance possible to be safely placed in a new home.

    Below are resources we strongly recommend you review before making any decisions regarding your beloved family companion: