Annual Animal Statistics

Hope Animal Rescue helps high risk animals from NC shelters. We have rescued over 2000 animals from euthanasia in North Carolina shelters (as of 2020), many of which were considered ‘unadoptable’ due to age, health or temperament. We provide necessary vet and behavioral care to get them healthy and find a home of their own.

As part of our goals to end the euthanasia of adoptable shelter dogs in N.C. and help move the state to “no-kill,” we believe it is important to be transparent about what our rescue has accomplished in support of the companion pets in our community. This page includes annual data about our intakes and outcomes, including our annual lifesaving percentage. Our annual livesaving percentage, or “live release rate,” is calculated by taking the number of live outcomes (e.g., adopted, returned to owner) divided by the number of all outcomes.

Shelter Animals Count

2019 (Lifesaving Percentage: 94.7%)

2019 DataAdultUp to 5 MonthsTotal
Beginning Animal Count (1/1/2019)35540
Live Intake   
Relinquished by Owner451964
Transferred In from Agency14066206
Other Intakes52530
Total Live Intake197118315
Returned to Owner202
Total Live Outcomes203102305
Died In Care336
Total Of Other Outcomes13417
Total Outcomes216106322
End Animal Count (12/31/2019)161733


2018 (Lifesaving Percentage: 95.8%)

2018 DataAdultUp to 5 MonthsTotal
Beginning Animal Count (1/1/2018)362662
Live Intake   
Relinquished by Owner381856
Transferred In from Agency13960199
Other Intakes088
Total Live Intake17987266
Returned to Owner101
Total Live Outcomes18096276
Died In Care404
Total Of Other Outcomes12012
Total Outcomes19296288
End Animal Count (12/31/2018)231740

2017 (Lifesaving Percentage: 96.3%)

2017 DataAdultUp to 5 MonthsTotal
Beginning Animal Count (1/1/2017)24327
Live Intake   
Relinquished by Owner623799
Transferred In from Agency14672218
Other Intakes011
Total Live Intake210120330
Returned to Owner000
Total Live Outcomes19885283
Died In Care011
Total Of Other Outcomes10111
Total Outcomes20886294
End Animal Count (12/31/2017)263763