We realize how uncertain the future looks for many people, and our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by Covid-19. Our Board of Directors is meeting on a weekly basis (via Zoom) to discuss how best to proceed with operations – from adoption events to animal intake – in light of Covid-19.

To ensure the safety of our volunteers and adopters, while meeting the needs of the animals that depend on us, temporary modifications have been made to various operations until further notice. Please continue reading for the specifics of each program.


Potential adopters are highly encouraged to submit applications for dogs they are interested in. Since we won’t be holding public in-person events for the foreseeable future, we will rely more heavily on email communication and conduct virtual meet-and-greets via FaceTime, Skype, etc. between the foster and applicant.

Community Outreach

While our largest focus is taking in at-risk dogs and finding them forever homes, we are also very passionate about helping other animals in our community. If you know someone that is homebound or has found their/him/herself in a tight spot due to Covid-19 and is unable to provide things like food or basic supplies for their pet during this time, please reach out to us at [email protected].


All in-person events have been postponed indefinitely. We will reassess this decision every few weeks and will keep you updated if/when there are changes to future events.


While adoption events won’t be happening, there’s a likelihood that adoptions will slow down. HOWEVER, we are still determined to take in as many dogs as we can. Many county shelters are in tough spots right now with regard to the number of animals that are coming in, so we will continue to pull dogs as long as we have appropriate foster homes open and the financial resources to do so.

*We are incredibly grateful and overwhelmed by the amazing amount of foster interest we have had. Although we would love to plan to place dogs with as many willing and open fosters as we can as soon as possible, we must be mindful of financial limitations that may impact our ability to do so. We are still committed to rescuing as many vulnerable dogs as possible; however, it may take some time for us to place dogs with all of our willing and available fosters.*


Those individuals and families in crisis who need resources to prevent surrender or who must relinquish their animals are asked to email [email protected]. For animals in immediate danger, please call 911.

How You Can Help


Since we are completely foster based, our ability to take in dogs is dependent upon the number of available foster homes we have, our financial resources at any given time, and how quickly our current dogs find their fur-ever homes. If you’ve thought about adopting a dog and are in a position to do so, check out our adoptables!

Share Social Media Posts

Consider sharing our social media posts on your own page(s) – it’s easy, only takes a few seconds, and helps our dogs reach a wider audience! Don’t forget to share fundraising posts with your friends and family!

Donate (if you can)

We know the impact Covid-19 is having on so many people and businesses throughout the country. People are out of work with no definitive timeline for when they’ll be able to return, businesses are closed indefinitely, and money is tighter than ever for many right now. We are a non-profit that operates solely off of funds that come from the public by way of donations and adoption fees. If adoptions slow down and we aren’t able to move forward with some of the larger in-person fundraising + adoption events that we had planned for this Spring, it will impact us significantly. Make a donation.